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Leading omni-channel media vehicle providing unparalleled visibility and recognition to AI innovators worldwide.

AI Tech Accelerator & AI Index

AIX Global Media serves as an entirely new form of tech accelerator...

Providing publicity to AI startup organizations through featured news articles and guest spotlights on our shows, bestowing credibility to show guests due to the stellar reputation of our AI-centered media platforms and our rigorous vetting process, representing the best of the AI tech world.

With the inclusion of the American AIX Index, our platform includes a comprehensive database for discovering information about private AI companies, startups, investors, and funding activities, establishing AIX Global Media as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, researchers, and anyone else interested in the AI startup ecosystem and its ever-evolving business landscape.

Unparalleled Exposure

Universal media network amplifying the voices and achievements of AI companies throughout the world.

AIX Global Media is transforming the way individuals think about the future of autonomous intelligent systems by shining a spotlight on the most exceptional innovators and market-leading companies in the AI industry.

Through our global media network, we have established an omni-channel presence – building omni-present relationships through our various written, audio, and visual media channels reaching over 70 countries across the globe, offering exceptional exposure throughout public, academic, and investor communities.

Our channels are built to spotlight new AI industry leaders, their latest advancements, and the profound potential of their latest AI innovations, offering sponsored news articles, featured content, spotlight interviews, and more throughout our highly respected AI-focused network of publications and YouTube featured podcast shows, showcasing the accomplishments and success stories of the top-performing AI companies in the industry.

AI Index - U.S. Private Companies

Definitive Benchmarking and Performance Measurement

As the steward of the American AIX Index, we provide unparalleled visibility and recognition to AI innovators shaping the future.

The American AIX Index serves as a supreme barometer capturing the pulse of the AI industry. This AI-focused index showcases a comprehensive selection of private AI companies at the forefront of this next era of technology.

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AIX Global Media is the only AI startup accelerator with built in opportunities to natively spotlight, amplify, and grow emerging AI tech companies by providing publicity, credibility, and funding opportunities through a combination of AI-centric media offerings, and exclusive access to a uniquely 'AI-only' index imparting index members with:

  • Credibility and Recognition
  • Access to Investors
  • Demonstrated Growth Trajectory
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Data Insights and Analytics
  • Special Access to Cybersecurity and Due Diligence Services
  • Additional Support Services

Discovery & Analysis

The American AIX Index tracks the performance of a diverse portfolio of private AI companies for unparalleled insight into the AI industry.

  • Exclusive List – Who’s Who of AI
  • Provides members and investors with access to a vast database of AI-specific companies, their funding rounds, key personnel, financial details, industry trends, and other relevant information.
  • Due diligence for our featured shows serves as an extra layer of discovery data exclusively available to potential investors through show assets and vetting of potential guests.
  • Behind the scenes – data supplied by AI company + data we discover and assets we generate.

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